These brands can be Yours!

We offer a variety of Brand Name products for our customers. Being fully integrated allows us to deliver the most cost-effective consumer sponge products available.

Each of our Brands is fully researched to ensure the Brand Strategy is reflected in the product, creative and packaging. We offer our customers an opportunity to capitalize on the strengths of selling a Brand Name Product Line without the investment of creating their own.

Benefits of Brand Sharing includes

Aspirational Brand
Strategically Developed
Researched Brand Name and Creative
Proven Best Selling Product Assortment
No investment in Private Label Packaging
Lower Minimum Order Quantities
Best Pricing

We are very protective of our Customers and tightly control the distribution of each Brand to ensure that we understand the objectives of our Customers and how they relate to the product line they are interested in or buying.

With over 30 years in-depth Market Research, Strategic Planning and Brand Development expertise, we have brought a unique and critical strength into our Manufacturing business. Our business strategy is to Partner with our Customers to become their Best Supplier Partner and to do this we offer insight and opportunities unique in our industry.

Our Brand initiatives are NOT designed to compete with our Customers and we will NEVER displace or challenge an existing Customer for business regardless of the circumstances. Our Brands are just another way of better servicing our Customers.