What makes us different …

This is a business we are passionate about. We have years of experience and capabilities which set us apart from others. We offer premium quality products at the same great price we offer all our products. This is a category which is under-developed and we are committed to building it alongside our customers by giving the Customer what they want.

What OEM means

Getting what you want – customization, new ideas, smaller runs. OEM means we work with our customers to create products which meet their criteria. We don’t inventory products and sell what we make – instead, we make the products our customers want to buy!

Who are our Customers

We work with all market categories. We have expertise in catering to the high end cosmetic brands as well as manufacturing for the everyday retailer. As our only business is “sponges, buffs, applicators and cleansing sponges”, we cater to all buyers to meet their individual requirements in both product and packaging. Our quality goes into every product we sell.

Packaging Capabilities

The Beauty Company has full capabilities in packaging. Flow-wrap packaging with OPP film, all forms of bags made from CPP, PP, Poly & PL. Acetate and Paper Boxing, Acrylic packaging and more. We have 2 part inspection during our packaging to ensure product placement integrity and a quality presentation. We have just begun to use the new “biodegradable” poly for such products as our foam rolls & pads.

Pricing Philosophy

We work on the principle of “best pricing” – we know to get business we must offer more for the same price or less than everyone else. We are fortunate that our business works on the basis of GM dollars, not %’s. This philosophy provides us the flexibility to price our products to make them as attractive as possible.


To ensure best pricing, we have established a minimum order quantity for each item we manufacture based on the amortization of set-up costs. As a rule of thumb, a minimum of 6,000 pcs per item is required, although this will be confirmed at quoting.

Blanket Orders

We are pleased to accept Blanket Orders as it allows us to build product in anticipation of your requirements to eliminate the delay in shipping. By placing a large Blanket Order and providing a “release date” by period this will minimize the extra paperwork and coordination on the Buyer’s part. The Beauty Company Inc. will manage the business knowing what your expectations and requirements are.


The Beauty Company Inc. strives to always have all standard materials in-stock at all times. Occasionally, items do go out of stock based on unanticipated demand and we may experience a back-order situation which is unavoidable. This is very rare as we are heavily invested in inventory to ensure we can meet our customers delivery expectations.


NAFTA means “NO DUTY”. All our products are manufactured in Canada from US and Canadian raw materials and are shipped into the USA and Mexico Duty Free. The Beauty Company Inc. clears all orders through US customs where it is a seamless transaction for our customers. The Beauty Company Inc. is a bonded manufacturer, registered with the US Boarder Services.


The Beauty Company Inc. plant is located in Toronto, Canada and is just 1-1/2 hours from the Buffalo, NY boarder, equally accessible to any of the 2 commercial boarder points (Lewiston or Fort Erie). Through experience with existing customers, freight costs are competitive with pick-up points in Buffalo and other north eastern U.S. states. Toronto has a regular stream of freight carriers going into the U.S. market from many Canadian suppliers, therefore a reliable stream of carriers originating in the U.S. and Canada have dedicated routes to most major U.S. cities.

Raw Materials from North America

The majority of our raw materials are made in the USA and Canada. We go to great depths to source and work with North American manufacturers and suppliers to keep as many jobs in our countries as possible. By buying North American raw materials we are assured of the content and quality of the materials in our products. Although not the cheapest sourcing method, we believe strongly in supporting local business, as we too are a North American manufacturer.