GREENING IT UP is our focus for new product development, because it’s the right thing to do. The heart of our products is the raw materials we use and finding more earth friendly options is our commitment.

EcoNat Foam™, Natural Plant Pulp Cellulose, 100% Needlepoint Cotton, Walnut Exfoliating Buff, SooSoft EcoNat Foam™, Recycled Cotton and our new Degradable Poly Packaging are among our many new materials.


We believe GREEN MANUFACTURING is minimizing landfill waste, finding alternative markets for not to spec products and seconds, recycling and lean manufacturing. To these standards we have stood the test of time.

- 100% of our Urethance Foam waste is RECYCLED into carpet underlay
- 100% of our Not-to-Spec and Second Products feed our Retail Value Bags
- Our garbage disposal is an industry low, measured at less than 1/4% of sales
- No Toxic chemicals or cleaners, mineral oil is used to clean equipment
- All our web is bonded with Natural Resins
- We do not use pesticide anti-microbial agents in our foam
- All materials are manufactured in the USA/Canada

We are proud our Customers have supported our mission and have readily accepted our policy of diversion. Our drive towards creating awareness of excess packaging will continue as we champion the environmental cause, because every little bit helps.

At The Beauty Company, we believe there isn’t one answer,
but taking a step in the right direction is a start.