Being a Worldwide Supplier has given us the opportunity to work with a vast number of companies from around the globe. Our OEM manufacturing capabilities allow us maximum flexibility to accommodate a wide range of packaging and product specifications to meet individual market requirements.

We offer a full range of sponge products made from all material types to ensure that each product we manufacture is made from the most suitable material for each market.

Over the years, we have manufactured products for companies in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, England, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Germany, France and many more.

We have extensive experience in issues of Freight and advise on the most cost effective means of transportation. We are fully familiar with import and export rulings and are comfortable working abroad.

Our team works with our Customers to co-ordinate all packaging. We are the link between our Customers and the packaging printers to ensure all packaging is correct and properly quoted. We manage the process for a turn-key transaction.

Whether the product is being shipped Bulk or Packaged, Carton or loaded in a Display Unit, The Beauty Company Inc. is well versed to make the transaction smooth and efficient.