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SBR Synthetic Latex

SBR - synthetic latex was developed to provide an alternative to natural latex in a variety of products at a time when there were concerns over a growing shortage of the raw material. This smooth rubbery synthetic material has been the Professionals choice for decades as cosmetic applicators. SBR's ability to hold make-up, resist moisture absorption and smooth without wasting are among its favoured characteristics. SBR is recognized by its creamy colour, which is intentionally maintained as it alone conveys the mark of originality and quality the market has come to know. Manufactured in the U.S.A., our raw material comes with the assurances that only safe and premium quality ingredients are used in every piece of material we process.

100% Needle-punched Cotton

Grown in North Carolina, we sourced a unique and highly unusual cotton which delivers an ultra soft, almost silky surface. We are proud that our quality specifications results in only the highest quality, ensuring the top 5% of the harvested cotton goes into the making of this raw material. As part of our "Naturals" thrust, we have incorporated this 100% Needle-punched Cotton into our manufacturing which has allowed us to create a number of new and innovative products. A nubby rustic, look this cotton is breathable and sturdy, soft as silk when wet, and naturally absorbent. All of which are only a few of the benefits of this unique breed of cotton. Incorporating cotton with all of our other natural materials is delivering options to the customer previously not available. We encourage you to take a closer look at what makes this material so special.

Exfoliating Non-Woven

We feature a wide variety of textures, densities and weaves in our exfoliating material, all made from a purified blend of non-woven polyester fibers which are fused using a natural resin. Unlike many non-woven products where a harsh chemical known as a "phenolic" is used, we worked to develop a proprietary supplier of our non-woven who operates not only a green facility, but incorporates as many environmental components in its materials as possible. As we have partnered with them to build the cosmetic and personal care area, we can now offer our Customers a better, safer product for their assortment.

Walnut Exfoliating Non-Woven

The Beauty Company is proud to have developed a new option to standard Exfoliating Buffs, using the natural exfoliating properties of finely ground Walnut Shells. We have successfully integrated this natural material into our non-woven to deliver a new natural and better exfoliating material. Adding natural ingredients enhances the Buffs performance while enjoying the benefits of what nature has to offer. Ground Walnut Shells can be ground into many different textures including powder, which is being used in cosmetic scrubs and makeup. We are proud to be partnering with our U.S. supplier to bring this unique and premium quality product to today's consumer.

Fine Pore Natural Cellulose

The Beauty Company has a long established relationship with its cellulose partners, where we source only their finest quality FP cellulose for all our cosmetic and bath sponges. Our smooth, finely textured and small pore cellulose is our guarantee of quality to our customers. Natural Cellulose is an excellent material for cleansing both the face and the body. Its dense texture allows it to stand up to rigorous use and is known to be the most absorbent sponge available. Manufactured in the U.S.A. from Natural Plant Pulp, Cellulose is one of the oldest known raw materials. Our FP Cellulose does not contain any anti-microbial agents (also known as pesticides), but is treated with a Mineral Salt Solution to ensure the material is always fresh and bacteria free. It is processed in our plant with careful attention to ensure that the moist properties of the cellulose are retained through well planned processing and handling to ensure the final product does not dry before packaging. We DO NOT rehydrate cellulose, as doing so can introduce bacteria through the dilution of the salt solution in the sponge or through contaminated water.

Eco-Nat Foam™

The Beauty Company is pleased to be the first beauty sponge company to offer a new generation of environmentally friendly foams. Our Eco-Nat Foam™, contains Cargill's Soybean Oil which is used to substitute 18-22% of the standard ingredients foam is made from. Addressing the environmental concerns of today's consumer, we quickly adopted Eco-Nat™ as one of our preferred foams for many product applications. Some of the benefits of Eco-Nat™ is increased UV colour stabilization and to many, a slightly softer foam. Available in a wide range of densities, which we use in a variety of products today. Marking this product "Made in North America" is your assurance that every ingredient in this foam carries with it the integrity of ingredients and quality you expect. Eco-Nat Foam™ demonstrates our commitment to be aware of, support and seek "Natural and Green Alternatives" in everyday products.

SooSoft™ Eco-Nat Foam™

In our search for a new foam which offers today's consumer an ultra soft and gentle sponge, we created our unique SooSoft™ Eco-Nat Foam™. This is our softest foam made in part with nature's own "Soybean Oil from Cargill" and manufactured in Canada. Creating new products demands the development and sourcing of new materials which opens new opportunities for products which fill market niches. Our mission was to meet the increasing demands of today's consumer for a gentler, softer and more natural product line. The combination of new Natural Soybean Oil and traditional polyurethane has allowed us to create new and innovative products for the whole family to enjoy. From babies to seniors, SooSoft™ Soyfoam is integrated into a number of products where pliability and softness is a must.

Natural Jute

Naturally aggressive, naturally gentle, this hardy natural material has been used for years in a wide variety of applications. In our search for more natural products, our testing has identified this product as being a natural partner to our eco-friendly sponges. Jute is a vegetable based plant which is next to Cotton in its importance as a commercial product. Jute like cotton is a highly absorbent material and offers a multitude of environmental benefits from being a CO2 delivery system to its role as a soil conditioner for food plants. Jute is undergoing many changes in response to world demand and new washing and processing methods are being created everyday. We are pleased to be the first manufacturer to introduce this product into our line.

SooSoft™ Fleece

The ultra soft, smooth, fluffy and gentle texture of fleece is an excellent companion to a wide variety of personal care sponges. Offering an excellent substitute to printed sponges, this application enables us to offer our Customers unique, colourful and coordinated sponge programs in their assortments. Printing directly on sponges creates a bacteria source and a toxin on the skin. We have perfected our lamination process to make the fusion between the fleece and the sponge indistinguishable.

Natural Rubber

Taken directly from the Pará Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis), Natural Rubber is a unique and singularily focused product used in the cosmetic industry. Natural Rubber has a natural anti-bacterial inhibitor in the material and considered by some to be a natural spermicide. Positioned in the industry as a cleansing sponge, this product has a niche purchaser. Natural Rubber is extremely dense, heavy and emits a mild odour inherent to rubber. Today there are Latex substitutes on the market without the qualities required in this product.

Bath Foam

A basic foam with many complexions and features. A high sudsing foam which is soft when wet and ideal for a wide variety of bath sponges. Available in a wide variety of densities and weights, we often use this foam as a support product to many of our substrates giving a product a stronger foundation or in some case a holding feature. Available in a limited colour range, this foam is not a natural product yet offers a more cost effective alternative to other materials in the marketplace. It has always been our position that "Urethane" used for cosmetic sponges is not an acceptable option and we have stood by this position through many years of cheap material taking marketshare.