The Beauty Company is a North American Sponge manufacturer, founded on the principles of innovation and quality in both product and service delivery. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we are best positioned to offer our Customers solutions, which help their businesses grow profitably.

We are often called upon to recommend and produce products, which fill market opportunities. This is all possible given our unique position of understanding the full spectrum of raw materials in addition to knowing the most effective manner in which to fabricate them into category WINNERS!

All our products are manufactured in Toronto, Ontario which is home to the latest in modern machinery, specially designed for handling foam. Our machinery is one of our competitive advantages given the highly productive output and consistency in quality it delivers.

Currently, The Beauty Company exports approximately 65% of its sales into the United States and Overseas.

Our Mission Statement is simple:

Be Our Customer’s Best Supplier

You have my personal gaurantee, that we’ll do everything possible to ensure we contribute in a productive and profitable way to your business.

Diana Pitsolis

Our Philosophy

Quality products at the best price possible. We deliver integrity in our products, service and in our passion to grow our customer’s business. We are known for adding value to our customers by offering new products and market intelligence which ensure growth in the business by being timely and responsive to changing market and competitive situations.

Our Quality

We will NOT compromise the Quality in materials or workmanship in any of our products for any reason. We negotiate the best raw material prices and use our buying strength to deliver the best-cost possible for our customers. All our products are “PREMIUM” to most available in the marketplace because of the following:

-Professional grade 100% SYNTHETIC LATEX (SBR) made in the USA to assure the finest quality and integrity of ingredient. An ultra smooth, fine textured makeup applicator product, does not absorb water from makeup's and assures even application and cutting edge smoothing properties

-Our proprietary SooSoft™ SPONGE is referred to as "baby soft" where the texture, feel and squeezability make this sponge stand a part from the others. It is made in part with soybean oil, a natural renewable resource which enhances its durability and brightness. A highly absorbent sponge which makes loads of suds from a little soap or body wash

-100% NATURAL NEEDLEPOINT COTTON made in the USA is used in a number of our personal care products, where we combine the benefits of a sponge with the smoothness of cotton. This cotton is punched, not woven, delivering a silky texture which is gentle on skin

-Our new WALNUT EXFOLIATING BUFF is non-allergenic and made from ground walnut shells. A premium quality material made in the USA which offers a gentle exfoliating surface for a natural yet effective product with an environmental benefit

-Premium quality NATURAL CELLULOSE made in the U.S.A. Individual inspection ensures consistency in porosity, colour, water saturation and strength